Applying for Startup Grant

The purpose of startup grants is to encourage new businesses and promote employment.
The grant provides an entrepreneur with a secure income during the time that getting the business up and running is estimated to take – however for no more than 12 months.
Please note: You need to apply for the Startup Grant before starting a company and directly from the TE Office.

Start-up Grant Brochure 2017


You may be eligible for a startup grant if

  • you are an unemployed jobseeker
  • you are not unemployed, but you are setting up as a full-time entrepreneur after a period in paid employment, education or domestic work.

Preconditions for receiving the grant include

  • being a full-time entrepreneur
  • having adequate capabilities for the intended business
  • having potential for continued profitable operation
  • the grant is necessary for the entrepreneur's survival
  • the business is only started after the grant has been awarded.

Start-up grants are applied for in 6 month periods. On average 1-2 periods are granted.
The amount of the Start-up grant is 32, 40€ / day, approximately 700€ / month.


The decision on whether or not to award a startup grant to an applicant is made by the TE Office.
Such factors as the competitive situation of companies in the relevant sector and the need for new enterprising in the area are taken into consideration when making the decision.

Startup grant is paid according to the payment period afterwards (payment period = one month). Apply for payment within two months from the expiration of the payment period.


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