Services for starting a company

If you are planning to establish a company, first attend Starting a company info. Make your preliminary business plan and calculations. After the Info and with online business plan, you can book an appointment with one of our advisors.

Below you can find a link to: Guide to becoming an entrepreneur in Finland in PDF format.

Picture under the guide shows you the path of establishing a company in Finland.

You can also get Business Help Desk advisory, find more information here.


NewCo Helsinki services for starting a company:


Starting a company - info

The Info is the door to our services. We offer help and information through the process of becoming an entrepreneur. We also provide support on applying for Startup Grant. From info you will be directed further to suitable services.



Business plan

Business plan describes the practical implementation of the business idea including target groups, product quality, competitor situation, marketing, sales etc.The business plan also includes evaluation of profitability.

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Business Advisory

After you have visited the info and the business plan has been done, you can book an appointment with an advisor. In advisory meeting you will go through the business plan with your advisor and you will get mentoring and support for setting up a business. You can also come to pop up advisory.

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Service providers

Even the best business ideas require additional support by know-how and experience. NewCo Helsinki advisors have a wide range of expertise to support the entrepreneur┬┤s skills and competence. Use also your own networks, meet other entrepreneurs and look for information on the web.

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