Do you know that in Finland, Business Plan is necessary for the entrepreneur and for the consultants when evaluating the idea? Potential investors always expect the Business Plan to exist. We have heard that many new entrepreneurs need advice when making a Business Plan (, thus we are offering this workshop to help new entrepreneurs.

The workshop will start with a short explanation of each part of the plan, after that everyone will work on his/her own business plan individually. The advisors will be available to assist whenever a question arise. So that at the workshop, you will create your own account (unless you have already done so) and make a business plan, literally. Therefore, you need to bring a laptop!

The Business Plan consists the following parts; if you consider any of the following to be challenging, this is the workshop for you!

  • Business plan: This is a written description of what you are selling, to whom and how? SWOT analysis; your expertise; products and services; customers and markets; Markets and competition; your company; Financial administration and accounting.
  • Financial projections:

- Funding (Calculations of capital requirements and sources of financing);

- Assessment of Profitability (understanding of the related costs and necessary level of sales invoicing to cover the costs);

- Sales Projection (Use unit prices for the products, or alternatively a mean price, while estimating sales volumes for each target customer group)

  • 3 years performance plan: you can plan and predict how your business income and expenditures (costs), and thus the profitability and profit will develop in coming years