Do you have a potential growth business idea? Or are you looking for new team members or co-founders for your startup?

NewCo Helsinki's growth services are targeted to new and already existing potential growth businesses seeking for national and international growth.

Depending on your stage our services are divided in two categories:

  • PRE-STARTUP SERVICES; Services for early stage or/and potential startup teams and small companies. This services are targeted to take you from the ideation stage to the commitment one.
  • STARTUP SERVICES: Services targeting potential growth companies. We take you from the commitment to the scaling phase.


These services are open and free for all early stage startup teams and small companies. We aim to identify the current stage of each of them and helping them to get their ideas and businesses ready for real business, growth and (eventually) international operations.

Our pre-startup services include: group advisory, free entrepreneurship courses, Helsinki Growth Alliance, access to our Helsinki Enterprise Agencies network and early-stage concept/team building events and workshops.

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Our Business Development Coaching prepares potential growth business from the concepting to the validation of their business idea stage.

Our Business Development Coaching consists on frequent meetings with a personal business advisor, usage of NewCo Helsinki co-working and event space and depending on the stage of the startup team access to some of the events organized by the Accelerator Program.

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Our Acceleration Services are targeted to potential growth companies in the validation and scaling phase aiming for international growth.

Our Accelerator Program consist on a tailor made 6-12 month program assisting committed startup teams to go international. Our Accelerator Program helps you going from the validation to the scaling phase of your business idea.

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Are you a Helsinki-based startup? Get up to 10.000 EUR for the purchase of expert services for international growth.

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