Are you planning to establish a company? NewCo Helsinki will help you get started. We offer a comprehensive service package including guidance and support during all phases of the company creation process. From the list below you can find the phases to follow. The Starting a company info is meant for anybody considering becoming an entrepreneur. This info will give you good basic understanding of practical things to consider, services we offer and guidance further to suitable services.

Before coming to the info session, please check materials in the website, you can download brochures and join different courses and events. If you are considering applying for Startup Grant, you can find more info here. Check out also the TE office website for further information.

Services for starting a company

If you are planning to establish a company, first attend Starting a company info. Make your preliminary business plan and calculations. After the Info and with online business plan, you can book an appointment with one of our business advisors.

What happens in the business advisory meeting? Together with the advisor you will go through the business idea, plan and calculations. If any part feels difficult, or you have questions in your mind about becoming an entrepreneur, please discuss those issues with your advisor. An advisor will direct you further to other services and courses.

You will also get a list of experts to help you with marketing, websites, administration etc. Please prepare well for the advisor meeting. Our experienced advisors are there for you and you can ask about anything about entrepreneurship and starting a company.

Startup grant

A Startup Grant supports a new entrepreneur. The purpose of Startup Grant is to encourage new businesses creation and to create new jobs. The grant provides an entrepreneur with a secure income for a limited time while setting up the business. The maximum duration is 18 months.

The role of NewCo Helsinki in applying for Startup Grant

By request from TE Office, we make statements on Startup Grant and loans, but the entrepreneur needs to apply for the Startup Grant directly from TE Office. Startup Grant is conditional and will be granted by TE Office, not NewCo Helsinki.


Are you planning to hire a new team member? Do you want to know more about different kind of possibilities available? Helsinki -benefit – Check out this opportunity for support in hiring new staff.

When you are hiring a person who is currently unemployed and is under 29 - year- old and living in Helsinki, you can apply the Helsinki -benefit as recruitment benefit ( 500 € x 6 months). In addition, a single time recruitment bonus (1500€) can also be applied, if the working contract has continued without pausing for one year. You can apply for the Helsinki-benefit from the Helsinki City Economic department.

More information about finance, taxes, individual business codes and other useful information.