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Are you a company offering services for international growth? If yes, then this is for YOU.

Join NewCo Helsinki's Growth Support Service Provider Pool and get access to work with Helsinki-based subsidized startups looking for services for international growth.

NewCo Helsinki's Growth Support assists Helsinki-based startups with high growth potential by co-funding the purchase of expert services directly related to the acceleration of the international growth of the company.

Startups selected for our Growth Support will receive a Service Vouchers which covers up to 70% of the total cost of the services purchased from you up to a maximum of 10.000 EUR (not including VAT).

Any company can join NewCo Helsinki's Growth Support Service Provider Pool by filling in our online form and accepting the Terms & Conditions.

Join our Service Provider Pool today to make it into the Growth Plan of startups with high international growth potential!



Top 4 FAQ for Service Providers

Does it cost something to join the pool?

No, joining our Service Provider Pool is completely free of charge.

What happens once I have joined the Service Provider Pool?

Once you have joined the Service Provider Pool you will be added to the List of Service Providers from which the startups must choose the service providers they would like to include in their Application Form.

If a startup includes your company in their Application Form and choose you to provide the service identified in their Growth Plan, the startup will be directly in contact with you in order to receive relevant offers for your services.

Who do I make a contract with for the provision of my services?

All contractual relations concerning the provision of services in relation to a Growth Plan is strictly between the startup and the service provider.

Who do I send the invoices to?

Once your services has been delivered and approved by the startup, you can send an invoice directly to the startup for the 30% share of the cost, and another invoice directly to the City of Helsinki for the 70% share of the cost, in accordance with the Service Delivery Contract between you and the startup.

You will find the billing address for the City of Helsinki in the Service Delivery Contract template provided for the startup by the Growth Support Manager.

See also the Top 24 FAQ in the startup section above for more details about the entire Growth Support process.

The Growth Support is funded by the City of Helsinki's Innovation Fund and has been ran by City of Helsinki's entrepreneurship center, NewCo Helsinki, since 2015. The Growth Support was created in 2006 under the name Growth Coaching and until 2015 was administered by Forum Virium.